PREDICTIONS! – TOP 10 Wimpy Excuses for Missing the 9/4 Wedding Marketing Seminar

On Wednesday, September 4th, the Las Vegas Wedding Network is hosting a wedding marketing seminar presented by Andy Ebon, followed by a networking mixer, both hosted at the Westin Lake Las Vegas.

Invariably, all in attendance will enjoy some stimulating learning at the seminar, and some adult beverages at the mixer to follow. Then again, sadly, there will be friendly faces missing from the festivities.

To make life easier for you, if you’re a no-show, we’ve outlined the TOP 10 Wimpy Excuses for being absent from the seminar and meeting. We present those to you… so that, well… if you’re not there, you have a handy excuse.

“Or, you’ve already made up an excuse, it’s on this list, and reading it will make you realize how lame it is, and you’ll decide to attend.”

  1. 10The Westin Lake Las Vegas isn’t on my bus route.
  2. My bicycle ran out of gas.
  3. Gas is too expensive.
  4. I don’t want to meet anyone new. I already have too many people referring me business.
  5. All  my clothes are at the cleaners.
  6. Oh, I’ll see Andy Ebon speak at the Wedding MBA next month… He looks better in front of a crowd of 2500.
  7. My psychic told me not to go.
  8. Lake Las Vegas has been closed recently for swimming and other non-motorized sports due to recent extreme weather causing unsafe water conditions. I thought the seminar was held in the lake and considered a non-motorized sport.
  9. I’m spending every waking minute on appointments with brides I met at Bridal Spectacular.
  10. Andy Ebon? Who the heck is Andy Ebon.

If you can stop laughing, These are many reasons to register for the Seminar and Mixer on Wednesday, September 4th. 

Hope to see you there!

5 MORE Good Reasons to attend the Wedding Marketing Seminar on September 4th

In Monday’s post, we floated 5 Good Reason to attend next Wednesday’s Wedding Marketing Seminar at the Westin Las Vegas.

If the Las Vegas Wedding Network Mixer (that follows the 2-hour seminar) isn’t enough to get you there, this post provides 5 MORE Good Reasons to attend. 

Facebook6) Facebook for Business

It seems that not a month goes by, without significant changes to Facebook. Some of the hot topics on the Facebook agenda include.

  • Why you need to make the move from a Personal page to a Business page (if you haven’t already done it).
  • How many/few of your friends or followers actually get your posts on their newsfeed?
  • What does it mean to PROMOTE A POST and IS IT WORTH IT?
  • Analytics Update: Facebook JUST updated their analytics for Business Pages. Have you looked at their Analytics (lately or ever), and do you understand them?

7) Pinterest for Business

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest makes it easy to launch a business page. Pretty pictures are just the beginning.

  • What are the important factors in copywriting and hyperlinks?
  • Did I mention Pinterest Analytics?

bubbles8) Ubiquity Marketing

Definition of Ubiquity

“presence everywhere or in many places especially simultaneously”

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A difficult goal for small and micro-businesses is creating the appearance of being everywhere. Assuredly, the answer is NOT to attempt to do everything… which is overwhelming and not really possible.

The strategy is to make fewer and better marketing and social media choices, thereby achieving a consistent drum-beat of awareness: In person… at bridal shows… in print… via social media.

9) Is your website ready for a tune-up? AND, is it mobile-ready? 

If your answer to the second question is NO, then the answer to the first question is YES. 

It’s now common for about one-third of your prospects to visit your website via a wide array of smart phones and tablets. If your website is not mobile-ready,  you are  giving away that traffic to your competitors, who are ready.

There are at least another dozen questions to ask yourself about updating your site. We want to keep you competitive.

friendly competition10) Competition Dynamics

The truth is… ALL OF US would be thrilled in a marketplace without direct competitors.

The reality is… That circumstance is RARELY the case, for any period of time.

With websites and social media, there is a window into everybody’s business.

  • How much can you learn by checking-out your competition?
  • What constitutes a healthy self-educational interest?
  • What constitutes an unhealthy obsession?
  • When you learn a factoid about a competitor, do you ever take action?
    • FYI: That would be the APEX of being reactive, rather than proactive.

“Your curiosity, interest, or insecurity should be sufficiently piqued by now. You are guaranteed to experience fresh perspective, be alerted to new techniques, and inspired to take action.”

These are good reasons to register for the Seminar and Mixer on Wednesday, September 4th. By the way, we’re not limited to 10 Good reasons.

Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon

About the Speaker:

Andy Ebon is the writer-publisher of The Wedding Marketing Blog and an international public speaker on various elements of the wedding and hospitality industry. He serves as the Wedding Marketing Expert for and

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Andy Ebon - talking Facebook

Andy Ebon – talking Facebook