Has Facebook peaked? Say what?

Andy Ebon lectures on Facebook at Wedding MBA 2010: photo by Marcello Pedalino

Has Facebook peaked? That was the question asked of me, in my first phone call of the day.

My knee jerk answer was “No!”, shortly followed by: “Are you kidding?”

It’s pretty obvious to me that Facebook hasn’t peaked, just by observing the total number of users which rapidly increase, every month.

What my friend was really asking was about the ‘noise’ on Facebook. Innocuous ‘ham sandwich‘ posts that appear to be, or actually are, a complete waste of time to many people.

There are several factors to consider in this regard.

  1. Software technologies, such as Facebook, evolve at an amazing rate. The increase of both users and features are happening so quickly that people have a tough time assimilating them.
  2. It is fact, that most of us proficient with a small percentage of the features of most hardware and software technologies. We are ignorant about many features because we don’t take the time to learn.
  3. When it comes to Facebook, our knowledge gap occurs on both sides of use; as an outbound communicator (poster), and as a listener (reader).

In the general session, Facebook for Wedding Professionals, that I presented at Wedding MBA, I attacked all of this. Facebook is no different than email or web browsers or many other technologies.

The bottom line is this. We need to learn more than the basics of hardware and software if we are to use them, effectively in our businesses. This is not an occasional process, but an ongoing process.

If you were at Wedding MBA, you were exposed to a great deal of fresh, evolutionary information. If you were at home, tending to the week-to-week of your business…. well, you were falling further behind your competitors.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

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